Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei

This weekend I participated in the Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei !

Usually this huge event is every year around 26-28 of October. This year, since 24 of May 2019, gay marriage is officially authorized in Taiwan. This was a big moment for Taiwan but also for Asia as this is the FIRST country allowing gay marriage in Asia. So Taiwan Gay Pride 2019 is particularly meaningful !

The official parade started at 1:30 p.m. at Taipei City Hall Square and was scheduled to wind its way along Zhongxiao East Road to Ketagalan Boulevard, where it finished in front of the Presidential Palace at 7 p.m. Over 200 000 people gathered in the parade this year, a record participation rate compared to last year. A good sound system was missed though, there were only few vehicles that played music. But the atmosphere was really warm and friendly !

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