Playing Rugby in Beijing

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Well this is my first article in English. If you see mistakes don’t hesitate to tell me 🙂 I’ll try getting this straight haha. You might were wondering… How Carlyle didn’t become fat with the huge amount of 饺子 (jaozi  dumplings) and noodles she’s eating every day? Weeeeell SPORT! And an unusual sport for my height: RUGBY. In this article I would like to share with you my new passion for this sport. Starting with rugby trainings and ending by the craziest rugby diners I have ever done (in random Chinese restaurants) You will know everything about my life as a short rugby player girl in China!

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You’re scared? YOU SHOULD

I started to play rugby 2 years ago. One of my friend recommended me to try out their trainings instead of register to an expensive gym class. And here I am playing rugby for the fourth season as a co-captain of the Beijing Aardvarks Rugby Team! I am a backward, playing as wing, full-back or first-receiver. Bruises are a part of the game but I didn’t break any of my legs yet (YES)!

1 point for gryffindor if you find me!

Why RUGBY is the best sport in the world?

1. Best social club

First of all, as a foreigner and expatriate, it is a good way to make friends (haha poor girl without any friend). Not only FRENCHIES but students and workers from all around the world. Our team is composed of Chinese girls, Frenchies, American girlsetc… And we like playing rugby… But even more partying on Saturday after the game together!



2. Rugby teaches you lessons of life

What you can learn from rugby about life is awesome. Before playing rugbyI didn’t have a clue of the different rules and the importance of everyone on the pitch. I don’t want to criticize but at soccer, you can easily become an awesome player by your own and ALONE. What I learnt from rugby is that without my teammates, as a wing, I just can‘t score a try. With the work of the forwards and the pass of the backwards the ball can eventually reach my hands. But without support, it’s impossible to win a game all by yourself. At the same time, as a rugby player, you get close super fast with your teammates. As we usually say: Sharing is Caring’. We share a lot of things. We support each other and that’s the best part of being a rugby player.





Ok. Okkkkkkay this is not the essential point of being a rugby player. Saturday is rugby day but also RUGBY DINER day! All together we eat, drink as we need to follow the rules of the rugby diner… I can’t tell you more about it but if you are interested in, come and try out!



You want to Join the best rugby social club in Beijing? Send us a message on Facebook!


I hope you liked it! I will try to write more in English from today 🙂

See u sooon!

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  1. Sorry my prefered’s full-back but my english level is to small for this article… and i can’ just liked!!!
    however i love your pictures 🙂 🙂

  2. Simply awesome and very impressive glad to be able to share the experience you had even though through the screen of my phone, but is also inspiring me to follow my passion

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