Iceland: prepare your trip

I went in Iceland in March, with my brother (that’s right, 10 days, 3 showers, one bed to share in a small van and just the two of us… I can assure you it takes concentration NOT to murder your sibling).

First of all, you should prepare your bags and be organized as we all know that you’ll take the cheapest flight without checked luggage because you’re cheap…

 1. Here is a list of essential things to bring

  • A warm and windproof coat
  • external battery
  • water bottles
  • headlamp: hey you that want to live like « Into the wild », you will also have to pee in the dark at the middle of the night so don’t forget the headlamp, might help you not peeing on yourself
  • Trousers adapted to walking and waterproof (or your skiing pants)
    Warm clothing thicknesses
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Swimsuit for hot springs  (forget about the Blue Lagoon, it’s overcrowded and too expensive for your student pocket money)
  • Warm socks (skiing socks)
  • A cap
  • gloves
  • A very warm scarf that doesn’t fly away in the wind
  • Sunglasses
  • And of course, your underwear

SPECIAL MENTION TO MY HOT WATER BOTTLES THAT LITERALLY SAVED US (and our frozen feet in the sleeping bag at night).

2. budget and foods

We traveled 10 days in a car and planned to eat food that we bought at grocery stores.

Tips to survive

  • Buy your alcohol at the duty-free, it’s cheap, and it warms you up for sure
  • Go to the « BONUS » store, it’s the cheapest store in the country


We bought our flight tickets for 180 euros/ person. Added to that, in 10 days including food, insurance, car, gasoline,  3 nights camping, 1 night in a hotel in Reykjavik, airport shuttle, 2 restaurants (YES we were dying of something good to eat), we spent 800 euros / 2 persons.

In total, for 10 days in Iceland including flight tickets per person: around 600 euros. If you need our precise budget, please feel free to send me a mail at

I’ll come back soon with our itinerary and my favorite spots in Iceland!

Tcha – Tchaoooo

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